Subscriptions are here and many more of them have been added.  All of them offering an easy & great value way of paying for your Art Services.

The first highlighted plan gives you amazing value where you can save the most discounting the online unlimited VIP plan with a physical workshop too - Covid permitting of course!   Make your next 4 months of Art & Creativity count.  Beyond that there will be more rewards coming in the future for regular artists.


Online Art Sessions are now the norm so please join in and try a session, it is fun, safe and you will get great art results!

All ONLINE options are for one month only so make sure you book on them early and take them all this month.   If you are nervous or not sure of how this will work, contact me and we will trial it in advance.

Payments can be by card or paypal and you will be taken to payment when you click on a below plan to order.  It will ask you to register your basic details first to become a member of my website.


Once you are paid up I will send you an email, or please send me one with the date(s) you want.  Before the session starts (at least 15 mins beforehand) you will receive an email link to join the group session.   Click here if you have any questions. 

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