VIP online is the best value...

Online Art Sessions are now the norm so please join in and try a session, it is fun, safe and you will get great art results!

If you are nervous about signing up for a Zoom class or want to know more about how the online sessions will work please do ask, we can trial you getting online before you commit.  

Payments can be by card or paypal for any of the above options, when you click on a plan, you will be taken to payment when you click on a below plan to order.  It will ask you to register your basic details first to become a member of my website first and please when filling in these forms ensure your details are all correct, this process is managed by my website hosting company.


Once you are paid up I will send you an email, or please email me with the date(s) you want. 

Then once you have told me the session you want (unless you choose the 'VIP Online'  option for which you automatically get invites for all the sessions)  at approximately 15 minutes before your session is due to start you will receive an email link to join the group session.   Click here if you have any questions.   Thank you.   Deana Kim Page.