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Choose your pricing plan

  • Best Value

    Pay Monthly VIP

    Every month
    Do unlimited group zooms & 1 x free venue sesh a month!
    • Unlimited VIP online group classes in any purchased month
    • 1 x venue sesh a month! Parndon Mill or Beech Hill
    • this package saves you over £120 a month!
    • Gives you TOP value - this will roll monthly until cancelled
    • Gives you best value and will roll monthly until cancelled
    • Cancel this monthly subscription at any time you like
    • Viewing from a laptop/computer gives you best experience
    • for further clarification of this subscription contact Deana
  • VIP Mini

    Every month
    Get 2 x Wednesday Zooms a month or 1 x Masterpiece of Month, every month!
    • two x 2 hr Zoom Wednesdays or one x Masterpiece 3 hour.
    • Thank you for your subscription
    • VIP Mini saves you money with your monthly commitment
    • You can cancel your membership at any time
  • Hoddesdon special

    This is only for select Hoddesdon weekly early payers of next term course
    Valid for 74 days
    • Please don't click on this plan unless DKP approval

VIP Pay Monthly is the best value at only £35 p/month

Online Art Sessions are now the norm so please join in and try a session, it is fun, safe and you will get great art results!

For the best Zoom Art Experience use a computer or laptop.  You can always use a tablet too but Zooming via your phone won't give you the best experience.   If you are new to zoom message me and we will get you set up with a trial run, a quick chat and you will be set up for online art fun and results in no time! Questions?  Click here to email me now.

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