The car upgrade idea ie 'buy me a mini' was posted as a joke which will amuse anyone who knows me well.  If you don't know me well you probably think I being REALLY cheeky!  <big smile>.    As some of you have taken it seriously and have touched me with your kindness already (thank you) I am now posting this more seriously.  If you would like to donate to this fund then please do as I would never turn down a donation and my car is essential to get me to all of my physical art workshops and has been working very hard for me the last few years.   It has now done over 100,000 miles so the upgrade to a lower mileage vehicle will take place hopefully next year (it was meant to be this year but Covid intervened and knocked this plan back a bit) - If you donate, your donation will be cherished and I will send you a thank you and an update/photo once the car is purchased in 2021!  I will be looking for nothing flash, nothing expensive, just a reliable, small, good value second hand car.   If you wish to donate less or more, or if you know of someone selling a good second hand car (my budget is £3,000) next year please let me know.  Thank you for reading this.   I hope to see you soon. 

Buy me a mini


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