Watercolor Painting
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I am on a 'one woman' mission to help you reach your creative art goals.


My Art Services focus on progressing your painting & drawing skills while building your confidence and offering you challenges, outlets, environments where your art will flourish.

There are simply no limits to where your art will take you. 

My Art Services are constantly evolving as we ride this Corona-Coaster.  I have big plans for your joyful art journey through 2021 and beyond...   

For now I have provided you (with the new look website) with plenty of Art joy sessions between now and the end of March 2021 where you can click on anything below you like the look of.  PS:  you will notice that DATES & INSTAGRAM feed are now viewable on other pages of my website, just look in the menu bar for them.  And...Black Friday Sale is NOW ON!  Yay!

"I can teach anyone & everyone to paint or draw" says Deana Kim Page, & she does!      Parndon Mill Management, Harlow, Essex.

'I thoroughly enjoyed this one, once again. Thanks for choosing such challenging masterpieces that I would ordinarily never even attempt!  Eleanor M

'Deana has given me the confidence to move out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.  I know my art work has improved. 

Deana is such fun to be with too.'  Cathy Gills


BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNTS one week only Fri 27 Nov to Thurs 3 Dec inclusive

Best Value EVER! 

Get VIP Unlimited online art PLUS


from 1st Dec, Jan, Feb & March 2021

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20% off Vouchers

20% off gift vouchers you can give for the amounts of £25, £50 and £100 but the bonus is you pay 20% less!


Online Sessions 

Get a discount by paying monthly for 4 months and join online and demo art sessions to the value of £24 monthly


20% off workshop

You can buy up to two art workshops, valid until end of June 2021 at 20% off

Parndon Mill is an exceptional venue


Online or Video 

By subscribing for £3, you will gain access to one short session or demo of your choice each month

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20% off workshop

You can buy up to two art workshops, valid until end of June 2021 at 20% off Beech Hill is an exceptional venue


50% OFF

...on many artworks in the BLACK FRIDAY SALE in our shop.

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Please Donate...

A cappucino is more than a coffee, I have come up with some fun & cheeky 'tutor treats' if you want to donate

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50% OFF

on the 2nd edition of Deana Kim Page's book:  101 Simple & Inspiring Ways to become a better Artist

Please share...

Tell all your friends, tell your pet, tell your neighbour and also random strangers you meet about art services.


50% OFF

...on many student artworks in the BLACK FRIDAY SALE in our shop

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Please Review...

This link will take you to Facebook page, please find the 'review' button and write something, I would love it!

Fanhams group with ink and bleach result

New Mixed Media

Distance Learn Mixed Media Course gives you a 'new medium' short tutorial & project every month 

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What YOU want?

Email me your thoughts of what the art services should look like in 2021

- I am always focused on your dreams!


Creative Critique 

This Creative Critique service is for you if you want me to assess and positively critique your artwork 

Challenge Deana

I love a challenge so if you want to challenge me, your name will be mentioned in the video I create!


Create Wellbeing

We have 'guests' giving you a super sessions concerning 'Creativity and/or Wellbeing' - click image above 

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Art Challenges

Monthly Art Challenges are above for Dec 2020, Jan to March 2021

Free to enter, email your artwork

Posts Are Coming Soon
Stay tuned...

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